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Going through a family law case can be stressful under the best of circumstances. When your case is contentious or complex, you need a team of attorneys who will keep fighting for you until your case is resolved and you are satisfied. Our lawyers understand the impact a divorce or a child custody dispute can have on our clients and their children, so we strive to keep the case as stress-free as possible on your end. You should be focused on caring for yourself and your children during this challenging season of life.

We will zealously represent your legal interests so you can focus on what truly matters in your life. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your child and your ability to come back strong after divorce are the most important things.


Our lawyers fight hard, but we fight with integrity. We find that through honest representation and good faith efforts at resolution, we can achieve incredible results. We win by upholding your rights and providing the court with accurate information at all times.

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Solution-Focused Representation in Family Law Cases

There are as many types of divorce as there are married couples. No two divorces work the same way. Our firm focuses on finding the divorce solution that works for your unique family. You have options for how to approach your divorce. We find that mediation works surprisingly well for many divorcing spouses. Even if your relationship is contentious, you may find that you are able to compromise in the interest of avoiding a time-consuming and expensive battle in the courtroom. We have seen great success using various forms of mediation.

That said, our lawyers are always ready to go to war in the courtroom on your behalf. If mediation and negotiation fail to produce a reasonable compromise, we will fearlessly take your case in front of a judge. We will take all the time we need to gather any evidence that may help your case while defending every single right you have. Our goal is to achieve a resolution that works for you.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is any divorce that gets resolved by agreement of the parties, out of court. Amicable couples may choose face-to-face mediation, while warring couples may find attorney-facilitated negotiation preferable. Generally, if both spouses are willing to give collaborative divorce a try, there is a high likelihood that you will succeed.

Cases We Handle

Our lawyers are highly experienced in many areas of family law. Divorce is one of our main practice areas. We are well-versed in all aspects of divorce, including child custody issues. We can also help with family law issues like proving a child's parentage or pursuing child support.

  • I was recommended to Attorney Eric Sucharski to represent me during my divorce, I am so grateful for that because from the very beginning, Mr. Sucharski was very professional, honest, and kind...


  • As a 20+ year cop, I was quite comfortable in Court rooms, but Family Court is a different monster. Eric kept in constant contact with me and spelled out my options. His advice was spot on...


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