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Modern divorce is not quite like it used to be, and it is rarely like it is portrayed in the media. If you are weighing the option of getting divorced, you might be picturing a dramatic and emotional fight in the courtroom. Fortunately, divorce does not necessarily mean going to court and trying your case. Most people getting divorced today decide the issues in their case themselves, with the help of their lawyers and possibly a mediator. While you may not like the idea of working with your spouse, you should know that dealing with them on some level will be required whether you go to court or to mediation.

Sucharski Law Firm LLC is experienced in guiding people through divorce mediation. We have resolved many divorces this way, even in cases where the spouses are in conflict. There are some collaborative divorce strategies that do not involve bringing the parties face to face. Our lawyers can discuss all of your collaborative divorce options with you so that you can make the most informed decision possible about how to approach your divorce.

Options for Uncontested Divorce

There are several different methods of collaborative divorce. Your options may include:

  • Traditional mediation - In traditional mediation, both parties sit down with each other, their lawyers, and the mediator. This tends to work very well for amicable spouses and older adults who have a bit more life experience and maturity.
  • Separate mediation - If you and your spouse are likely to argue while sitting at the same table, this strategy might be better for you. You and your spouse may each sit in different rooms with your own attorneys. The mediator moves back and forth to talk to each party in turn while working towards a resolution.
  • Attorney-driven negotiation - Using this technique, your attorney will talk directly to your spouse's attorney. You and your spouse need not interact at all. You will only speak with your own attorney, who will pass on messages and offers. If you have an Order of Protection, this may be your only collaborative divorce option.
  • Collaborative law - If you and your spouse are able to discuss issues openly and work together to resolve issues, you may sign an agreement along with your attorneys stating that you will attempt to negotiate a settlement in good faith and avoid litigation in court. You will also agree to be honest and disclose any requested information to each other. If you cannot reach a settlement and will need to proceed to litigation, your attorneys will both withdraw from the case. This provides you and your attorneys with the incentive to resolve issues amicably.

One of these options is likely to succeed for most - but not all - couples. If resolving your divorce through negotiation or mediation will not be an option, a divorce trial may need to be held.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

There are numerous benefits of collaborative divorce, including:

  • Cost savings - Litigating a divorce can be very expensive. There are court costs, guardian ad litem fees if you have child custody concerns, and attorneys' fees. A cooperative approach can help reduce these costs, making the process more efficient.
  • Speed - Uncontested divorce can be very quick. Essentially, as soon as you have an agreement, you can finalize your divorce. There are no long waits for another court date or pauses while the court and attorneys conduct investigations.
  • Protecting children - Contested divorce can be incredibly stressful for children, who may be called upon to testify in court. When parents use uncontested divorce, they not only protect their children from that stress, but they also show the children that they can still work together as a team.
  • Less conflict - Collaborative divorce can be a team effort, whereas contested divorce necessarily involves a lot of conflict.
  • More control - If decisions are left to a judge, there is no predicting what they will do. If you use mediation or collaborative law, you and your spouse will have control over the results.

It is important to talk your circumstances over with a qualified family law attorney before making any decisions. Our lawyers can help you determine the best approach to take, and we will work to advocate for your interests throughout your case.

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