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Divorce has a way of causing a lot of stress, usually before the paperwork is even filed. If you are nervous going into your divorce, you are not the only one. It is normal to feel apprehensive when your family and household structure is about to change completely. You might also be uncomfortable about the idea of a judge digging into your personal life and your children's personal lives. However, you can keep in mind that courts will only look at the specific factors the law says should be considered when deciding a certain issue.

At Sucharski Law Firm LLC, our attorneys will listen carefully to your particular needs and preferences when it comes to your divorce. What matters to you matters to us. We understand that different people have different concerns and priorities during divorce. Some may be focused solely on maximizing parenting time, while others are concerned about how divorce will impact their military benefits. Our lawyers will work to protect what is most important to you while seeing to it that you are treated fairly in all other matters.

Parenting Time and Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Illinois uses the term "parenting time" to replace "physical custody" and the term "parental responsibilities" to describe what used to be called "legal custody." Parental responsibilities include anything from providing the child with health insurance to choosing their school. Parents will also have the obligation to pay child support and ensure that their children's ongoing needs will be met.

Illinois courts will nearly always order some type of joint custody arrangement, believing that children generally benefit from a relationship with both parents. Sole custody is rare in this state, and courts often take steps to ensure that both parents will have reasonable amounts of time with their children.

Collaborative Divorce Lawyers in Hinsdale

Collaborative divorce is likely to be the fastest and least costly way to finalize your divorce. It requires you and your spouse to treat each other fairly and make an effort to compromise, however, so it will not work for everyone. Mediation or attorney-driven negotiation can help even spouses who cannot be in the same room settle their divorce out of court.

Who Is Eligible for Spousal Support?

The longer you have been married and the less able to return to work you are, the stronger your case for spousal support is likely to be. Illinois courts will order alimony payments when it is appropriate to do so. This can ensure that you will have the financial resources needed to maintain your standard of living after your marriage has ended.

North Shore Military Divorce Attorneys

Servicepeople face unique challenges and issues in their divorce cases. Deciding on a parenting time calendar can be difficult if one parent is likely to be deployed. Some people who serve in the military will not even be able to travel to attend court in person. Our lawyers are uniquely experienced in helping those in the armed forces get a fair divorce. We can ensure that a military divorce will fully address all relevant issues, including military benefits, child custody, or spousal maintenance.

Division of Marital Property

Dividing marital property can become quite complicated, especially when the parties have significant marital assets like a house or joint investments. In many cases, we can help our clients and their spouses agree on who keeps what through mediation or negotiation. If the court must decide how to distribute marital property, there are a number of factors a judge will consider. These factors include each spouse's individual resources, how each spouse contributed to the marital estate, and any established parental responsibilities or parenting time.

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Sucharski Law Firm LLC is a firm of experienced family law attorneys. Our lawyers are highly skilled in handling each aspect of a divorce case, from crafting a creative way to divide assets to establishing a parenting plan. Contact us at 224-276-6776 for a complimentary consultation.

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