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Every divorce case is unique. No two sets of spouses are alike. No two marital estates are the same. Finally, no two children are alike. This is why there is no such thing as a default divorce decree. Rather, every term in every divorce decree is uniquely written to suit the needs of everyone involved. The name of the game in Illinois is equitability. This term simply means "fairness." When a court makes decisions, it must consider a list of factors to help it decide what is fair. When divorcing spouses make their own decisions, their attorneys can supervise the mediation or negotiation process to ensure that the end result is fair and reasonable.

Sucharski Law Firm LLC is sensitive to the individual needs of each person getting divorced. We understand that the process can be draining and challenging, so we make a point to help our clients avoid unnecessary complications and difficulties. However you choose to approach your divorce, our attorneys will be there to support you and advocate for you at every step.

Two Ways to Resolve a Divorce

You will likely have two options for resolving your divorce. The first is contested divorce. In a contested divorce, the outstanding issues in the case that need to be resolved are presented to a judge in court. The judge's ruling will be final, whether it works for you and your spouse or not.

Your other option is collaborative divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses work together, usually with the help of a mediator and their attorneys, to negotiate a settlement. This option is usually far quicker and less costly, but it may be difficult if your spouse is unwilling to work with you.

Child Custody Lawyers in Glencoe

Working out child custody and child support issues can often be the most trying part of the divorce. These are often the issues spouses have the most difficulty compromising on, but they are also the most difficult issues to try in court. Our legal team is skilled in finding creative solutions to child custody issues. We can work with you and the other parent to design a parenting plan that puts your child first while also protecting your personal interests and parental rights.

Military Divorce Attorneys Serving Illinois

Being married can offer a lot of tangible benefits for people serving in the military, especially for young enlistees. However, being married to your spouse does not always work out. Servicepeople tend to have special divorce needs. They may not be able to appear in court. Parenting plans can be difficult when one parent could be deployed with little warning. Our lawyers have experience meeting the needs of servicemembers and providing effective representation in military divorce cases.

Spousal Support in Illinois

Spousal support is available in Illinois only in cases where it is deemed equitable. Courts may order alimony in certain cases where the receiver does not have the reasonable opportunity to earn enough money to maintain their accustomed lifestyle. Long-married homemakers are generally the most likely to be awarded spousal support.

After the Divorce

Once your divorce is finalized, there are still a few things that could bring you back to court. If your circumstances change, and your divorce decree is no longer practicable, you may qualify for a post-decree modification. Or, if your spouse is refusing to comply with the terms of the divorce decree and has withheld property or parenting time, you may need to return to court to enforce your decree.

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Sucharski Law Firm LLC has strong experience with all types of divorce cases. Our dedicated Glencoe divorce attorneys will do all we can to make sure you are treated fairly and receive a favorable outcome in your divorce. Contact us at 224-276-6776 for a complimentary consultation.

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