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Family law cases can be just as emotionally difficult as they are legally complex. Attorneys may spend years just studying Illinois' family law code because it is so detailed and nuanced. Rarely is anything cut and dry in family law. Illinois is not a 50/50 division of property state, nor is it a 50/50 child custody state. Rather, these things depend on what the court believes is equitable after considering certain factors listed in state law. Of course, a large number of family law cases are settled out of court. Many family disputes can be resolved through mediation.

Sucharski Law Firm LLC can help, no matter how you choose to approach your case. We are skilled in guiding mediation if you are interested in trying collaborative divorce. Our lawyers will guide and advise you throughout your case. We know that no two family law cases are ever alike and that each client has an entirely different set of needs. Someone who has been a married homemaker for 40 years has very different needs than a 21-year-old who is serving in the military. Our attorneys will take the time needed to understand what you want and need out of your family law case.

Divorce Lawyers Serving the North Shore

Divorce is one of the most common legal procedures people become involved in. While it can be unpleasant, it is a normal thing to have happen. You have two options for resolving your divorce. The first is to go to court and present each issue to a judge, who will then make a decision. The other is to make the decisions yourselves in a process called collaborative divorce. Using strategies like mediation and negotiation, we can help you and your spouse try to establish your divorce decree by agreement.

A divorce case is comprised of many smaller issues. Each piece of marital property must be allocated to one spouse or divided into two equitable pieces. Long-married homemakers may need spousal support, as they may no longer be able to rejoin the workforce as part of a skilled profession.

Even after the divorce, you may need to return to court for certain reasons, such as to enforce the decree if your spouse is not cooperating or to pursue a post-judgment modification in light of changed circumstances.

Northbrook, IL, Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody and child support issues can be resolved as part of a divorce or in a separate case for nonmarried parents. In most cases, a comprehensive parenting plan must be established. When the court is asked to decide on a parenting time calendar and the allocation of parental responsibilities, it must make the decision based on what is in the child's best interests. It may appoint a guardian ad litem to help it understand what the child needs to thrive.

Paternity and Parentage Attorneys

Parentage in Illinois is highly complex. A child can be born to two married parents of the same sex, and due to fertility procedures, a child may not be biologically related to the person who gives birth. Paternity - legally establishing who the child's biological father is - is generally a bit simpler. If both parents agree that the child is theirs, establishing paternity may be as simple as signing and mailing a form. However, court action and DNA testing might be necessary if one parent does not cooperate. Establishing paternity will ensure that child custody issues can be addressed correctly, and it will also help protect the child's rights.

Law Firm for Prenuptial Agreements

There is so much more to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements than deciding what would happen if you got divorced. It is a time for you and your fiance or spouse to sit down and give each other a clear picture of your finances so that you both have all relevant knowledge during your marriage. How well you and your spouse can compromise and work together on this contract can be a sign of how well you will communicate and compromise in your marriage.

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